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Predator-Prey @ Sunny Valley Park Sunday May 20th at 3:00-Meet at the Park

The following is a summary of how the “Predator-Prey” game works...also known as ‘The Best Game Ever!’ Children 8 and under need to be accompanied by an adult. The game is based on the Food Energy Pyramid and campers will be role-playing various animals, trying to survive a season in nature by finding all the elements that should be found in a habitat…food, water, shelter and space… while escaping their predators.

They will be relying on their instincts, much like wild animals do. Most of the campers will be herbivores (plant eaters)…about ¾ of them. The remaining ¼ campers will be predators... some omnivores (eat both plants and meat) wearing yellow pinnies, carnivores (meat eaters) wearing red pinnies and an element (weather or disease) wearing a blue pinnie. Only predators wear pinnies to indicate their role in the game.

At the start of the game, herbivores start with 6 life rings, omnivores 3 life rings and carnivores’ 2 life rings. Advice for your students include: 1. Only in Disney movies do carnivores hang out with herbivores! Play/hide/hunt only with like animals based on what you eat. So herbivores can hide and search together, and likewise for omnivores and carnivores. A coyote does not hang out with a mouse! 2. We can only tag/eat down the food chain; Carnivores tag/eat omnivores and herbivores. Omnivores can only tag/eat herbivores. Herbivores eat plants only, so they are looking for food punch stations to role-play finding food. Strategies that students can use include;

 Hunt in packs  Hide together

 Don’t run unless necessary  Try to camouflage –use face paint if you like

 Keep away from noisy animals  Keep off Mac Truck road or you could lose a life ring Actual dangers:

 Branches at eye height and logs to trip on  Brambles! Wear long pants to avoid getting scratches

 Water bottles and asthma medication should be brought to the playing area as there can be a lot of running!

 Closed toed shoes are a must! We look forward to seeing you and your campers for ‘The Best Game Ever!’ 



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