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Seasonal Lease

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Sunny Valley Park Family Campground

Seasonal lease


This lease agreement is made ________ (day) of ________ (month), 20__ between Sunny Valley park (located 062703 Sunny Valley road, Owen sound N4K 5N6) and tenant,

Name: __________________________________ # ____-____-________


Address: ____________________________________________


City: ________________ Province: ______________ Postal code: ____________


Home #_________________________ Cell #__________________________


  1. Sunny Valley park agrees to lease to the tenant, site # ___________________ located in Sunny Valley Park Campground.

  2. The lease term shall be the camping season beginning May 1st, 2019 ending October 15th, 2019.

  3. The tenant agrees to pay Sunny Valley park rent for site leased, in the amount of __________ per season, payment due in full by April 15th 2019There will be a $50 charge per month on all accounts not paid in full by April 15th of the seasonal year.

  4. OFFICE HOURS: May and June 12-5pm July and Aug 31st 10am to 8pm 

    Sept 1st to Oct 15th 12 to 5pm During business hours All inquiries must be done between these hours and in store/office. Private home is off limits, use buzzer at the store or call Park number.

    AFTER HOURS CALL Darryl @ 705-718-4364

  5. Year round parking of your unit is permitted if renting site the following season. A 250$ fee is due on October 15th 2018 to be used towards winter storage. If renting a site the following season, and your site is clear of all material. A $500 deposit is due on October 15th 2018 to reserve your site. (non refundable) The balance is due on April 15th of the following year. If deposit is not sent or site rental is canceled, there will be a storage fee of $100 per month for each RV left over the winter. If selling a trailer to stay on site, you are still responsible for full rent at the beginning of each season, you must get prior approval to sell trailer with site rental, and all buyers must be approved by Sunny Valley Park to rent the site. No for sale signs allowed on your lot or RV, all sales must be posted in the office.

  6. Termination of contract: Contracts can be terminated without a refund by owner for violations of Sunny Valley park rules, such as but not limited to, non-payments, unruly behavior, and fighting and domestic activities. Trailers will have to be removed from park within 7 days of eviction notice. Any time after 7 days there will be a $50 per day charge for storage. Payment of $50 per day on storage charge will be paid before trailer leaves the park.

  7. The tenant agrees to use the premises for camping use only and does certify that the site cannot be used by anyone not listed on this lease agreement, without prior permission from Sunny Valley Park. If you choose to quit camping, or move your unit out, you are responsible to pay any remaining seasonal rate due on this contract. There will be no refunds. If you decide to sell your unit after you have signed this contract the new tenant must be approved by the owner of this resort and must fill out a new contract and that site fee will be paid. There will be no subletting.

  8. Tenant is responsible for keeping their lot neat, weeds and grass trimmed, and the exterior of their RV in good repair. Only lawn furniture outside (no couches, chairs etc.) No garbage or misc. items left outside. If there is a need for managers to do upkeep on tenants lot there will be a charge of $25 {per clean up} for their services.

  9. The seasonal rate is only for tenant approved by owner and registered at the office as a tenant for your site. Unauthorized use of your site may be subject to penalties and/ or may result in termination of your contract with no refunds. Parents must accompany children under age 19 that are staying at their seasonal site. No student groups or house parties of any kind permitted.

  10. All paying and non-paying visitors must register at the office. There is a $5 fee for adult day visitors, $10 for overnight. There is $5 charge for all overnight visitors’ pets. These charges are to off set the expenses of security, insurance, maintenance etc. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to register your visitors. No visitors allowed after 10:00pm. No large parties, loud music or unruly behavior will be allowed.

  11. Parking is limited to your site. If there is not enough room, you must park vehicle in the lot outside the gate. Please do not use empty site for any purpose. No unlicensed vehicles, ATV’s, mopeds, electric scooters are allowed. There are area trail maps for ATV’s in the office.

  12. Pets must be kept on a leash, cleaned up after and not left unattended at campsites. No pets allowed in pool area, office, shower house, or park buildings.

  13. Electric: A $50 HYDRO DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID Meters will be read at the end of each month (June, August, and October). The electric is due the 15thof the following month. A 10% late fee is charged after the 15th. Advance payments accepted on account, to avoid late fees. Bills will not be mailed. Seasonal`s are responsible to pick up electric bills at office. Water use for household use only, there is no washing personal vehicles permitted. (trailers can be washed, please notify office)

  14. Tenant must notify the office if replacing RV.

  15. RV must be portable and remain portable in the event that it must be removed off the site for maintenance purposes.

  16. A dumpster is provided for normal household garbage generated at your trailer. (NO large items, no boxes). Garbage pick-up days, Friday, Sunday and Wednesday.(Monday of long wk ends) BEFORE 5PM.

  17. Our pool is for registered guests only, An adult (OVER 18) must supervise children under 13. No life guard on duty, swim at own risk. Obey all posted pool rules or you may lose your pool privileges.

  18. Alcohol permitted only at your campsite, excessive use will not be tolerated. Underage drinking, or drug use will be reported to the police, and offenders will be banned from the park. We reserve the right to remove you from your campsite without refund.

  19. Site improvements such as wooden decks and small storage sheds, gardens etc, are allowed at your own expense but must be approved by owner of resort. ALL flowers, shrubs, trees, gravel soil, sod etc. Installed by tenant becomes property of Sunny Valley Park and CANNOT be removed when the site is vacated.

  20. Do not remove trees. Do not cut firewood from sites occupied or not. Management reserves the right to remove trees or other objects on any campsite for safety or maintenance reasons and temporarily disconnect any utilities with out notice.

  21. Sunny Valley Park and its owners and employees are not responsible for damage, vandalism or theft of guest’s RV or other personal possessions.


  22. Tenants agrees to relieve Sunny Valley Park and its owners and employees of any responsibility of “Acts of God”. Tenant understands Sunny Valley Park and its owners and employees are not liable, nor responsible to carry insurance coverage on tenants camping unit, vehicle, or other personal property. Tenant agrees to carry his/her own liability/comprehensive insurance during the term of this lease; tenant will furnish proof of insurance to Sunny Valley Park.


  23. This property being privately owned, the tenant accepts camping privileges with the understanding the he/she does hereby release the Sunny Valley Park, its owners and employees of al liability for loss or damage to property and injury to his/her person arising our of his/her use of its camping facilities and agrees to indemnify Sunny Valley Park, its officers and employees, against claims resulting form loss or damage to property or injury to the person of any member of the family or guest of the tenant, arising out of he use of its camping facilities.


  24. The tenant agrees to read and comply with all Sunny Valley Park rules and regulations as provided to the tenant and posted in the office and/or premises.

  25. The lot rent includes the following services: water, sewer, garbage pick-up and road maintenance to the site, and all other park amenities.














  1. This lease agreement is made ________ (day) of ________ (month), 20__ between Sunny Valley park (located 062703 Sunny Valley road, Owen sound N4K 5N6) and tenant,

  2. Name: __________________________________ # ____-____-________


  4. Address: ____________________________________________


  6. City: ________________ Province: ______________ Postal code: ____________


    Home #_________________________ Cell #__________________________

  8. Description of the UNIT to be placed on the leased site is as follows:

Make ___________ Model ___________________________ Year __________


Colour _________ Serial # __________ Size _________x________


  1. Names, ages and relationship to tenants children under 16 expected to use tenants site: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. Type and number of pets you expect to bring to Sunny Valley Park: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. All rules and regulations of Sunny Valley Park are subject to change without notice by owners; Sunny Valley Park reserves the right to inspect all sites. Any tenant in violation of the rules and regulations will forfeit their lease and all monies paid and will be required to leave Sunny Valley Park immediately.


  4. Names of tenants approved to use site # ___ at Sunny Valley Park: *Indicates tenant from which all written or oral correspondence must be received.


  5. Signed on _______________ (day) of ____________ (month) 20__.


Tenant 1: _________________________ (print) _________________________ (sign)Tenant 2: __________________________(print) _________________________(sign)


E-Mail _______________________________________


Insurance Co___________________________________

Policy #______________________________________









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